Great Basin Trail

Great Basin Trail Resource Guide:
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  • Intro
    • The Great Basin and Nevada
    • The Public Lands of Nevada
    • The Great Basin Trail
  • Overview
    • Inspiration
    • Route and Loop Concept
    • Foundation of a Trail
    • The GBT in the Time of Covid-19


  1. My brother and I grew up in Ruby Lakes refuge and Ely, and as highschoolers (2004) started a similar non-trial "trail" from Utah (Hendry's creek, Mt Moriah) to California (Topaz lake) hitting the best and highest peaks and most roadless areas. We were NOT ultralight packers, but completed the trial in 4 legs, with one cache north of Gabbs, the last one in 2015 during the same week you were finishing the GB Traverse. This trip you did makes us so damn jealous, because we know no landscape more freeing and epic than central GB, and cant seem to find the time in life to do such epic hikes. Thanks for sharing

  2. Wow your route and story sounds rad! Totally agree on central Nevada’s landscape. So underlooked and under valued. Hendrys Creek is so cool too!

  3. Great stuff. As for addition to the Shoshone Market there is also a restaurant/bar and general store in the nearby Round Mountain mining community.

    1. Great information right there! Thanks so much!

  4. Hello, I live in Ely and can provide shuttle help and trail magic. I plan to section hike the trail at some point, let me know if you want company. I have done long sections on multiple long trails and can't wait to help build this trails community!

    1. Thanks for the response. Hit me up @ and we'll line something up.