The Haute Route Pyrenees extends some 500 miles across the Iberian Peninsula from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea. The route mainly straddles the border between France and Spain and even goes through the tiny little mountain country of Andorra. The route travels through very rustic and charming regions such as the Basque Country and Catalonia, besides some epic high country. The route is a more strenuous and rugged counterpart to the GR11 in Spain and the GR10 in France. While the routes more or less follows the same route line near the seas, the interior high country tries to stay near or on the dividing crest. A huge and serrated skyline accompanies the walker through a range star-studded with pointy peaks. People of the mountains and region frequent the massive range to recreate, work, and relax. Cattle grazing bells are a constant companion. Hundreds of lakes give a refreshing opportunity to clean off and relax. The Pyrenees are a range of rich history and jagged peaks that provide for an amazing adventure.

I did the HRP over 23 days, including nearly 2 full days off. I had such a blast through such a diverse range and encountered so many enriched regions full of characters and rustic charm. I would do this route over again in a heartbeat. Sublime lakes, beautiful campsites almost every night, technical sections of proper high route scrambling, amazing trail, and a culinary experience one would soon not forget---the HRP provided me with an experience that will go down as one of my most favorite in many a year. Click the link below to check out the journal.

Haute Route Pyrenees

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