Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Vagabond Loop Cartoon Map

Vagabond Loop Cartoon Map:

For the readers who prefer a visual representation of the Vagabond Loop I decided to try my hands at being artistically creative, as I am technologically illiterate. I couldn't quite get the photos out clearly but I think you can get the perspective of the distance I hiked with the outline of the Four Corners drawn out.

Here's some numbers:

*AZT Mileage: 795m
*HDT Mileage: 822m
*GET Mileage: 731.5m
*Moab to ABQ Mileage: 643m
*CT Mileage: 484.5m

*Vagabond Loop Total Mileage: 2991.5m

*Total Hiking Distance from 4/4-8/27: 3476m


  1. Excellent! MUCH more personal and interesting than a google presentation. Perhaps you could add photos from the hike around the periphery too. Then give it a cardboard backing, make it wearable, and show up at the ADLHA-West gathering in Vagabond style!

    1. Ahahaha!! It was actually quite fun. I like your ideas for the gathering. It is already backed by cardboard. All i need is to finds some straps to hand around my neck! And i always rep the vagabond style!

  2. Very cool. Think you may have missed your calling...........you should have been a cartographer!

  3. Thx! Ithink it is pretty cool too considering I am not a great artist!

  4. Hi Ryan, Crazy question - in late July 2019 I gave three PCT hikers a ride from Bridgeport to Sonora Pass. I later found a phone deep under a seat in my truck and suspect it belongs to one of them (2 girls and a guy, terrible remembering names, but one girl was "Aurora".) Anyway, the phone's lockscreen has your hand-drawn Vagabond loop map - is this widely distributed or could that provide a clue to reunite the phone with its owner? (I gave lots of others rides over the summer as well, but just have a hunch it belonged to someone in this group.) (Siri locked down, SIM chip not registered to a name) Lizzy