Vagabond Loop: A Four Corners Connection

Vagabond Loop:

Arizona Trail, Hayduke Trail, Grand Enchantment Trail, and Moab-ABQ connection

The Vagabond Loop is more than solely getting more trails under my belt. The VL exemplifies personally to me a way of life. A purpose actually. I started the VL with the intention of exploring adventure, of exploring the vast reaches of the American Southwest, and of exploring my past. In a way the VL is an exploration into my self, one of understanding and acceptance, even one of defiance, a refusal to live life like everyone else. I had many literary heroes growing up, in particular the characters Edward Abbey created as well as the poetry and songs written by Everett Ruess. The VL put in perspective my escape from Los Angeles many years ago, however, it also put in perspective how that giant city molded me. I found a kindred spirit in Ruess. His inspiration to me in how he lived his life is expressed in earnest in these entries below.

As I write this blurb the goal of what I accomplished seems different than what I aspired to do. Time has passed yet the essence remains. There is not a single second that goes by that I don't feel the urge to re-live the whole VL all over again.

For extended information behind the inspiration of the VL please see these entry links:
The Influence of Everett Ruess on the Vagabond Loop

The Vagabond Loop Plans: VL1    VL2    VL3

The Vagabond Loop Cartoon Map

Arizona Trail (795m):

:: To Patagonia

:: To Posta Quemada

:: To Oracle

:: To Superior

:: To Roosevelt

:: To Pine

:: To Flagstaff

:: To Tusayan

:: To Utah

:: Systems Check I

Hayduke Trail (822m):

:: From Zion

:: From Arizona Strip

:: From Grand Canyon

:: From Bryce

:: From Grand Staircase

:: From Capital Reef

:: From Canyonlands

:: Systems Check II

Moab to ABQ (643m):

:: From Moab

:: From Weminuche

:: From South San Juans

:: From Taos Plateau

:: From Sangre de Cristos

:: From Pecos

Grand Enchantment Trail (731.5m):

:: To Magdalena

:: To Winston

:: To Gila

:: To Safford

:: To Aravaipa

:: To Behive Well, Superstitions

:: Systems Check III

Colorado Trail (484.5m):

:: VL Addendum: On Colorado Trail

VL Itinerary:

Arizona Trail:      (807m)
*Mexican Border-Patagonia (64m), in-town, 4/10-4/12
*Patagonia-Vail (53m), in-town, 4/12-4/13
*Vail-Oracle (101m), P.O. with maps, 4/14-4/17
*Oracle-Superior (83m), in-town, 4/18-4/20
*Superior-Roosevelt Lake (49m), P.O., 4/20-4/21
*Roosevelt Lake-Pine (116m), in-town, 4/22-4/25
*Pine-Flagstaff (115m), P.O. with maps, 4/26-4/29
*Flagstaff-South Rim (115m), in-town, 4/30-5/3
*South Rim-Jacob Lake (73m), in-town, 5/4-5/6
*Jacob Lake-Utah Border (38m), 5/6-5/7

Days off in Kanab: 5/8-5/9

Hayduke Trail:      (844m)
*Zion NP-Hack Canyon (70m), in-town Colorado City, re-supply with Mom, 5/9-5/11
*Hack Canyon-North Rim (87m), P.O., Alternate re-supply 22m in South Rim, 5/12-5/14
*North Rim-Jacobs Lake (125m), in-town, 5/15-5/19
*Jacobs Lake-Round Valley Draw (143m), P.O. with maps in Tropic via Kodachrome SP, 5/20-5/25
*Round Valley Draw-Hole in the Rock Road (81m), P.O. in Escalante, hitch, 5/26-5/28
*Hole in the Rock Road-Hite Marina (158m), P.O. with maps, 5/29-6/3
*Hite Marina-Moab (130m), in-town, 6/4-6/8
*Moab-Arches NP (25m), 6/9

Days Off in Moab: 6/10-6/13

Moab to ABQ:      (643m)    

Moab to Durango:      (214m)
*Moab-Geyser Pass Hut (35m), 6/14
*Geyser Pass Hut-Paradox Hut (26m), 6/15
*Paradox Hut-Wedding Bell Hut (34m), 6/16
*Wedding Bell Hut-Dry Creek Basin (30m), 6/17
*Dry Creek Basin-Black Mesa Hut (42m), 6/18
*Black Mesa Hut-Bolam Pass Hut (29m), 6/19
*Bolam Pass Hut-Durango (18m), 6/20

Days Off in Durango: 6/21-6/22

*Durango-Pagosa Springs, 6/23-6/26
*Pagosa Springs-Chama, 6/27-6/28
*Chama-Red River, 6/29-7/2
*Red River-Pecos, 7/3-7/6

Grand Enchantment Trail:      (801m)
*Pecos-Tijeras GET (100m), in-town, 7/27-7/30
*Tijeras-Magdalena (134m), P.O., 7/31-8/4
*Magdalena-Monticello (79m), P.O., 8/5-8/7
*Monticello-Gila Hot Springs (97m), P.O., 8/8-8/11
*Gila Hot Springs-Morenci (118m), P.O., 8/12-8/15
*Morenci-Safford (46m), in-town, 8/16-8/17
*Safford-Mammoth (110m), in-town, 8/18-8/21
*Mammoth-ABQ (117m), in-town, 8/22-8/25


  1. Cool. Nice work I did a similar route of my own creation in 2001 that I dubbed "The Everett Ruess Trail". My route started on the North Rim of the GC, went down to the Mogollon Rim, along the Mogollon to the CDT near Luna, NM, up the CDT to Twin Lakes, CO then through NW Colorado to the Uinta Highline Trail and down the Skyline Trail/GWT to southern Utah and back down to Jacob Lake and the North Rim.

  2. Wow, 2001, eh? Very cool! I think I've talked about your ERT with Tucker. Rad, man. Thanks!

    Have a journal or a link?

  3. Ha! I just see here that I've already corresponded to you about this. No, no link, 2001 was pre-internet days for me, for the most part. I did do some writing on trailjournals, and some stories were written up in the media (HCN, NatGeo Adventure, etc), but none of that had much detail on route. Anyway, would love to see your Whatever route maps, or get a better description. Thanks, and awesome stuff on this site!

    1. Yea, I didn’t even think of doing a gps track back then, nor did I have one in general. I responded to yer other comment with my email. Hit me up