Cordillera Real Traverse

The Cordillera Real Traverse route extends approximately 150m from Nevado Illimani to  Nevado Illampu, two iconic glacially clad 20000ft-plus peaks. Flying into La Paz the whole 'Royal Range'of the greater Andes Range I gazed out the window amazed at the enormity of the mountains and the stunning setting. I knew this trip would be one for the ages. And it absolutely was. Swami had envisioned some 20 years previously and I felt so fortunate to have had him drag me along. Besides trekking through the spectacular range, this was also a trip more about re-confirming our friendship, growing a deeper bond. Thanks mate!

Swami, over at his website, put together a very informative trip report about the whole CRT, brass tacks and all.

Click here:

Our ultimate goal is to put together a map set, a mini-guidebook with resupply information, a town guide, and a route description, as well as waypoints and a gps track. Swami out a ton of research into this route, even more so we ground-truthed the route in the field. We feel the CRT is one for the ages, for the resume, for the ultimate trekker's experience, for all the cliche phrases. You know what I am saying. (;

All the info will be coming soon. For now, refer to the link above from Swami and for any descriptive babble but awesome pics refer to my blog entries below.

Cordillera Real Traverse Part 1:

Cordillera Real Traverse Part 2:

Cordillera Real Traverse Part 3:

Cordillera Real Traverse Part 4:

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