Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Desert Reflection

In the looming distance. abrupt angles signify a rise in the desert, a hazy butte wrestling with the veracity of what water formed; I relentlessly walk towards what I am not sure exists. What is it about the desert that validates my existence or what can be tangibly manifested from a force of nature? In contrary, what is it about the desert that validates nothing, that emboldens the void of a vacuum? Gazing at the blurry butte wondering if what is in front of me is simply created from my imagination deep within me or if the phenomena of the sun is an emblazoned mirage of something falsely physical, either way the impulse of curiosity, the instinct of my nomadic human way pushes me forward. Am I seeing through my eyes a manifestation of what my spirit imagines, or what my heart wishes to teach me? Or is it something on a basic level of survival? The need for water, thirst; the need for food, hunger; the need for existence, essence.

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