Whatever Route + GDT

Whatever Route
Mexico-Canadian Rockies
(Estimated 3400m)

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Resupply and Mileage Synopsis:

53 days, 1387m (~1450m)
Columbus NM to Vivian Park UT

•Columbus NM-Silver City (~160m) 
•Silver City-Alma (~80m) 
•Alma-Greer (~107m)
•Greer-Pinetop (~53m)
•Pinetop-Forest Lakes (~76m)
•Forest Lakes-Flagstaff (~141m)
•Flagstaff-South Rim (~102m) 
•South Rim-Jacob Lake (~108m)
•Jacob Lake-Lee’s Ferry (~85m)
•Lee’s Ferry-Tropic (~90m)
•Tropic-Torrey (~110m)
•Torrey-Huntington (~155m)
•Huntington-Vivian Park (~120m) 


29 days, 721m (~730m)
Columbia Falls MT to Mt. Robson BC

•Columbia Falls-Waterton (~95m) 
•Waterton-Coleman (~85m)
•Coleman-Boulton Trading Post (~125m)
Boulton Trading Post-Banff (~68m)
•Banff-Crossing Resort (~138m)
•Crossing Resort-Jasper (~127m)
•Jasper-Mt. Robson (~83m)


40 days, 1180m (~1250m)
Columbia Falls MT to Vivian Park UT

•Columbia Falls-Ovando (~175m)
•Ovando-Whitehall (~175m)
Whitehall-West Yellowstone (~200m)
•West Yellowstone-Jackson (~160m)
Jackson-Montpelier (~190m)
•Montpelier-Hyrum (~95m)
Hyrum-Vivian Park (~185m)

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