The Oregon Desert Trail is a 750m mix of cross-country travel, isolated road trekking, and trail hiking across the lonely expanse of eastern Oregon. In the shape of a weird 'W,' the route delves into the Owyhee Canyonlands, the Oregon Outback, Hart Mountain Refuge, Basin and Range features, the Fremont, Aberts and Diablo Rims, and the Oregon Badlands, among other areas. Lonesome and remote, the ODT requires some advanced skill levels in navigating, foot travel, planning, water carries, among others. For a wealth of information please visit the ODT web page here

With my mileage totaling between 725-740m, I took roughly 27 days to complete the ODT. I had a wonderful time and this route is one I highly recommend to other experienced hikers, in particular folks who really love the desert environment and the vast open spaces of the West.

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