Utah Passage

Utah Passage 

(~830m) (30 days)

Chapter 8: Utah Passage

A peaceful, tranquil and isolated, lonesome and beautiful jaunt across Utah using the Kokopelli and Hayduke Trails, as well as some bits and pieces I linked together.


•Loma to Moab (~145m)
Start with food

•Moab to Hanksville (~175m)
In town, maps at Moab PO
Maps to Hanksville 

•Hanksville to Escalante (~140m)
Resupply and maps at Hanksville PO
Maps to Tropic

•Escalante to Tropic (~92m)
In town

•Tropic to Springdale (~121m)
In town, maps at Tropic PO

•Springdale to Mesquite (~155m)
In town 

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  1. Hi do you have you map of this hike ~ Awesome ~ Thanks!