Great Basin Traverse

The Great Basin Traverse is a north-south backcountry route spanning the length of Nevada through public lands and wilderness areas. The traverse took me through the Silver Peak, San Antonio, Toiyabe, Toquima, Monitor, Fish Creek, Mountain Boy, Diamond, Ruby, and Jarbidge Mountain Ranges, among the basins that situate thousands of feet below the narrow and high ranges. Completed over the month of May and 2 weeks in August of 2015, the idea behind this route was to paint a picture using the land as a canvas and my feet and heart as the creative artist using the paintbrush. So much of this route happened on the fly in conjunction with the weather. Nevada and the Great Basin are severely exposed and unforgiving. Lack of water and isolation are some of the charming qualities of the route. This route will go down as one of the most freest I will have ever experienced. Check out the entries below, as well as the link to an article in Reno-Gazette Journal.



  1. Apparently google still thinks Im my nickname from high school. This is Michael Waterford.

    1. Thanks Michael. Good luck out there on your trip/hike. Looking forward to hearing about!!

  2. Never considered a Great Basin Traverse. Ruby Crest Tr makes a nice long weekend or 3 day hike and Toyiabe Crest Tr for slightly longer 3-4 day makes for nice hike. each though

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