L2H: Badwater to Mt. Whitney

The Lowest to Highest Trail, or L2H, is the from the mind of 'water-whisperer' Brett Tucker, the pioneer of the Grand Enchantment Trail and the Sky Islands Traverse. Traveling approximately 130m, the trekker goes from Badwater Basin in Death Valley where temperatures routinely hit 130*; up and over the 10,000ft unpredictable Panamint Range, across resplendent salt flats, ascending the Inyo Mountains and down into the Owens Valley, and, finally, a final push up the rugged Sierra Crest atop the perch of Mt. Whitney. Long waterless stretches, massive climbs, and extreme temperature differences are some of the challenges the adventurer will encounter. In April of 2015, I tackled the route with world-class hikers Swami, Bobcat, and Malto. Clink on the link below to read about the adventure.

:: Lowest to Highest: A Backcountry Route from Badwater to Mt. Whitney

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