Cordillera Blanca Traverse

Cordillera Blanca Traverse:

Inspired by one of the world's most prolific and inventive hiker, Swami, Bobcat, Stephan, and myself spent 17 days traversing across one of the world's highest and most incredible mountain ranges. Swami spent quite a bit of time researching and planning this route, which you could tell in walking and scrambling along the high and spectacular route. Thanks to him for sharing this info. He has a thorough write-up on his site

The CBT is broken up into 4 stages in which at the end of each stage is a place to resupply. Tallying up close to ~250m, each stage has diverse characteristics that provide a separate and adventurous journey in each one. For each read up click on the links below.

  • Stage 1 (94-100m)
    • Revolving around the 3-pronged Nevado Santa Cruz and witnessing an avalanche from ice calving off a glacier high above. 
  • Stage 2 (~65m)
    • The views of Laguna Akilpo and scrambling up the dome polished rock of Paso Urus; passing turquoise and teal lakes on the way up Paso Ishinca. 
  • Stage 3 (~45m)
    • Laguna and Paso Shallap cleaved clean from ancient glaciers, the quebrado filled with enormous boulders fallen from high above; scaling the precarious anf grueling Paso Cashan.
  • Stage 4 (~45m)
    • Finally laying eyes on the abstract Puya Raimondii, the largest and tallest bloom in the world. Lastly, Landslide Pass that 'went,' full of creaking and loose rubble; a mountain breathing.

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