Altiplano Traverse

Altiplano Traverse:

One of the purest and most enjoyable experiences on any route or trail I have had, this roughly 450m route across the high desert flood plains of Sajama National Park that is heavily populated with alpaca and llama, to the expansive and glaringly bright mirrored surfaces of the Salar de Coipasa and de Uyuni, and finally, across the Mars-like landscape of the Sud Lipez filled with the pointy volcanoes and surreal deserts, I walked free of any cumbersome thoughts and feelings inspired by this vast and empty landscape.

A couple of summers ago, Swami invited me down to Bolivia. He planned a route across the massive Cordillera Real in which we had a great time scrambling and tramping along shepherd and llama paths in the heart of the Bolivian Andes. As part of that trip, Swami had planned and mapped out the Altiplano Traverse, a route he had been thinking of for years. Unfortunately, I couldn't make an attempt of that Altiplano Traverse on that trip due to timing constraints, but the route idea and highlights of the route had been firmly planted in my head. Swami's route entranced me and was something I thought about all of last Winter.

Below are the links to the entries to the Altiplano Traverse, a route in 4 stages. Huge thanks to Swami for that impactful invite and inspiration, as well as all the route sharing and resource info. His website, The Hiking Life, is one of the most informative hiking sites out there.

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