Tahoe Rim Trail


8/26: 6m
8/27: 38m
8/28: 37m
8/29: 45m
8/30: 40m

The Tahoe Rim Trail is a great beginner longish-hike. Well-maintained, gradual slopes, and scenic beauty, the TRT can be known as the 'Neiman-Marcus' of trails, according to my buddy AllGood. Logistics are easy and water is plentiful. The trail circumnavigates Lake Tahoe, one of the deepest alpine lakes in the world, and meanders through the Mount Rose and Desolation Wildernesses. You will encounter a  multitude of smaller lakes and have expansive views of the Carson Valley in Nevada. The TRT is a great trail to let 'er rip. Check out the Tahoe Rim Trail Association's website for details on the trail. Here's some pics of the quick journey.

Full Circle

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