GR 20: Corsica

The GR 20 in Corsica is roughly 170km and connected by 15 stages, or etapes, where at the end of a stage a refuge, or hut, awaits a weary trekker's arrival. The GR20 is the brainchild of Michael Fabrikant, who in the 1970s conceived the notion to create a precarious path across Corsica's rugged mountain spine and watershed. His vision puts the trekker over severely exposed drop-offs and cliffs, traverses spiky ridge lines and loose debris in couloirs, and tests not only the trekker physically with the massive ascents and descents but holds the trekker at bay to the fear he/she can withstand, for the term 'trekker' on this trail should be 'climber' or 'scrambler.' Dubbed Europe's toughest trail, the GR20 is extremely beautiful and rugged sprouted straight up from the sea.

:: Corsica, part I

:: Corsica, part II

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