Saturday, March 29, 2014

PCT Gear List

Clothing Worn
*Vasque Mindbender 26.5oz.
*Larry Legend's Custom Inserts 1.5oz.
*Darn Tough Men's 1/4 Socks 2oz.
*Asics Running Shorts 4oz.
*Ex Officio Briefs 2.5oz.
*GoLite Kensing Short Sleeve 6oz.
*OR Visor 1.8oz.
*Sunglasses 1oz.
*Gossamer Gear LT4 Trekking Pole 4.1oz.
*Photon Freedom Micro Light .25oz.
49.65oz. or 3.10lbs.

Clothing in Backpack
*Darn Tough Men's 1/4 Socks 2oz.
*MontBell Zeo-line Tights 4.4oz.
*MontBell Dynamo Wind Parka 5.5oz.
*MontBell UL Down Jacket 8.5oz.
*Beanie, By Trevor 'Lightning' 1oz.
*Glove Liners 1oz.
22.4oz. or 1.4lbs.

Sleeping System
*YAMA Mountain Gear Terraform 2P Tarp 16oz.
*Marmot Plasma 30 Sleeping Bag 24oz.
*Gossamer Gear Thinlite Insulation Pad 3/16, 2/3 length 2.5oz.
*Gossamer Gear Polycryo Ground Cloth 1.5oz.
*Gossamer Gear Titanium Lite Stakes Long 1.5oz.

*YAMA Mountain Gear Bug Shelter 2.0 14.5oz.* Only carried in buggy areas

45.5oz. or 2.84lbs. (With Bug Shelter: 60oz. or 3.75lbs.)

Food, Hydration, and Backpack System
*Gossamer Gear Kumo Superlight, modified 13oz.
*GLAD 2cup Container 1oz.
*Plastic Spoon .25oz
*Smart Water Bottle (2) 3oz.
*2L Platypus Bladder 1.3oz.
*Mini Water Dropper w/ Bleach .5oz.
*YAMA Mountain Gear Cuben Fiber Stuff Sacks (1L, 1M) .5oz.
19.55oz. or 1.22lbs.

Other Gear in Backpack
*Utility Kit: Leukotape on Wax Paper, Ibuprofen, Small Portion of Body Glide, Mini Lighter, TP, Razorblade 2oz.
*Toothbrush and Tooth Powder in Mini Plastic Baggy .75oz.
*Trash Compactor Bag 1.5oz.
*Galaxy S4 Mini, Plug, USB Cord, YAMA Mountain Gear Stuff Sack (1S), Ipod with Headphones 7.5oz.
*Pen, Mini Notebook, Pages from Databook 1oz.
*GoLite Chrome Dome Umbrella 8oz.
21.25oz. or 1.33lbs.

Gear minus Clothing Worn: 108.7oz. or 6.79lbs.

Gear, including Bug Shelter, minus Clothing Worn: 123.2oz. or 7.7lbs.

Total Gear Clothing: 158.35oz. or 9.89lbs.


  1. I'll have to try your Leukotape on Wax Paper solution. I hadn't found a way to carry a small amount.

    1. Wax paper melts in high heat. The release paper from stickers/shipping labels works better.

    2. Error on my part. I specifically use the USPS shipping labels and not wax paper. Thanks for the clarification. I edit the entry later.

  2. Is that Leukotape on the sticky side of a VUSPS label? Why not wrap some on a straw? How much do you carry. Is that and your small amount of BodyGlide all you carry for foot care?

  3. I put it on the side that the shipping label was on. I started a few years back using the leuko tape from a small straw cut to hold the tape. But what I found was that the leuko tape became hard to handle on the straw due to the adhesive. The tape on the straw also stuck to everything. When the tape is on the shipping labels the fit nicely into a small ziplock with no hassle on sticking to other things. I carry at most 4 labels with 2 strips on each. I can then trim as needed. I use the Body Glide as back up for feet but mainly I use it for groin areas. I mainly only have the Body Glide for the 1st week and half of trail. The leuko tape I keep a few labels for the duration. That's all I use for foot care. In town I'll trim toenails as needed with disposable toe nail clippers...

  4. Does a bear can fit in the kumo with room for other gear?