PCT 2014

At 2660m long, the Pacific Crest Trail spans from Mexico to Canada along the crest of southern California's Peninsula Ranges, central California's majestic Sierra Nevada, northern California's Trinity, Marble, and Siskiyou Ranges, and finally traverses the spine of Oregon and Washington in the lush Cascades. Only meeting each other for the first time in person 5 weeks prior, Bearclaw and I trekked from the Mexico border on April 14 and finished our thru-hike on September 7. Below are the entries of the journey.

Recent Update:
Although Bearclaw and I are separated I will keep what I feel are relevant posts from what I feel is till an incredible adventure of 2014. These posts are written with a goal to delve into an experienced speed hiker's mind-set hiking a long distance trail with a first time hiker and the new relationship between them in an incredible situation and setting.

:: PCT Gear List

:: PCT SoCal

:: PCT SoCal II 

:: The Ticker and the Heart: Leaving SoCal

:: The Goal of Not Being a Better Hiker

:: The Unseen

:: Same New Trail: Home

:: Definition(s)

Extra Pics:

:: High Sierra

:: High Sierra II

:: High Sierra III

:: High Sierra IV

:: High Sierra V

:: Northern Sierra

:: Northern Sierra II

:: Northern Sierra III

:: Honeymoon in Goat Rocks

:: Goat Rocks II

:: Goat Rocks III

:: Goat Rocks IV

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  1. WHat was your favorite part of the PCT ? THanks Awesome!